Advice From One Autism Parent To Another

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    Advice From One Autism Parent To Another


    Don’t wait for a diagnosis

    As the parent of a child with autism, the best thing you can do is to start treatment right away. Seek help as soon as you believe something’s wrong. Don't even wait for an official diagnosis; this process can be time-consuming depending on which country or state you live in. The earlier a child with autism spectrum disorder gets help, the greater their chance of treatment success. Early intervention is the most effective way to speed up your child's development and reduce the symptoms of autism.

    Accept your child and all their quirks.

    Do not compare your child to others, accept and enjoy what makes your child different. As a family always celebrate every success no matter how small and ensure your child knows that they have unconditional love. This type of commitment will help your child more than anything else.

    Learn about autism and become an expert on your child.

    The more you understand about autism the better equipped you will be to make decisions for your child. Try and catalogue what triggers your child’s,

    • Disruptive outburst
    • What works to calm them down?
    • What they enjoy
    • What makes them uncomfortable

    If you understand these things about your child, you will have a greater chance of solving problems and preventing situations that cause difficulties.

    Whatever you do don’t give up on your child.

    There are so many inspirational stories of children with autism who have done amazing things. One rule is to always assume your child can hear and understand everything you are saying. Their body might not give this impression but they may be fully cognitively aware. Don’t put limitations on your loved one, society will do that? Always allow them the opportunity to teach you the limits of their cognitive capabilities? We must have expectations for our children, and provide them with the tools and skills necessary for them to reach their full potential. Without this commitment, you are just placing more limitations upon them.

    Find help and support

    The Autism community is full of passionate people and families who are always striving to support, educate, and add value to our loved one's lives. This amazing community can be easily reached through social media or blogs and websites. You have local, national and international Autism communities you can reach out to for support and education. Joining an autism support group is a great way to meet other families dealing with the same challenges you are. Parents can share information, get advice, and lean on each other for emotional support. Just being around others in the same boat and sharing their experience can go a long way toward reducing the isolation many parents feel after receiving a child’s autism diagnosis.

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