The power of keeping a promise

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    The power of keeping a promise

    To my beautiful Sadie

    I promise to say I love you every day, to cuddle whenever you want, and try and hide my sadness when you don’t.

    As your dad, I promise to allow you to be you and to remember never try and cure you, simply because you’re not sick. To educate me in ways to best understand who you are, to embrace what makes you special, and spoil you in the things that make you happy.

    I promise to protect you and provide for you, and before I pass, that I will do everything in my power to help your world grow.

    These things I promise you my beautiful Sadie.


    This is a note I wrote to myself when Sadie was diagnosed as being on the spectrum. I know it says I promise Sadie but I feel I was really making this pledge to myself. As parents we find ourselves making promises to our children all the time, some we keep, others for one reason or another we don’t. But because of my own personal journey, I feel that we should understand the powerful impact making or break a promise has on our loved one's lives, as well as ourselves.

    We must have expectations for our children, and provide them with the tools and skills necessary for them to reach their full potential. Without this commitment to Sadie, I would of being just placing more limitations upon her.

    Keeping these promises has sometimes been hard but never a burden. #Autism.


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