What do people with Verbal Disabilities need?

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    What do people with Verbal Disabilities need?


    There is an old saying, give them what they need not what you think they want.

    When you ask a question you must be able to listen for the answer.

     Asking the question, what do people living with Verbal disabilities need, and not just in a general sense but on individual bases. It's my opinion that society is too focused on telling people how to communicate rather than exploring the capabilities of the individual in question, giving them the opportunity to teach us their limitations as well as their needs and wants.

    This is the fundamental difference between our next generation technology and approach to communication, from the rest of the ACC tools on the market today. TippyTalk provides the opportunity to explore the cognitive capabilities of people living with verbal disabilities on an individual basis.

    Geri Dawson, Ph.D., and Ex, Autism Speaks chief science officer said,

    [1]"We still know very little about the cognitive capabilities of non verbal people with autism, and how best to help these people learn to communicate,"

    This is where I feel TippyTalk begins to excel, through the use of TippyTalk we can explore and measure the cognitive capabilities of each individual person. Allowing us to listen for the answer to what they need, and the only limitations are those of the person using the Tool.

    “We have to remember that we are not trying to cure these people, simply because they’re not sick, this is the world they live in, it’s the same world that you and I live in just viewed from a different perspective”. (Rob Laffan)

    I see TippyTalk as the next step in communication for people living with verbal disabilities. One that Allows for social communication independence, by removing the limitations caused by same room interaction/communication.

    TippyTalk is a family, and just like all parents, we are passionate about providing a better life and future for our children. We live with nonverbal ASD each and every day of the year, which provides inspiration and gave me the ability to create the Next Generation of Technology. My mission now is to provide TippyTalk to our community of families living with verbal disabilities, Families like mine who are passionately seeking out pathways to add value to our loved ones lives.

    [1] (https://www.autismspeaks.org/science/science-news/researchers-focus-non-verbal-autism-high-risk-high-impact-meeting)



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